'Natural Directional Lock' (NDL) castors make steering so easy!

Fallshaw 'Natural Directional Lock' (NDL) castors are designed specifically to resolve hard-to-steer trolleys and eradicate confusing directional lock systems.

The NDL castor intuitvely locks the castor from swivelling when travelling in a forward motion. A simple motion (reversing by a few millimetres - something that people do intuitively) then releases the swivel lock allowing the trolley to be fully manoeuvered in any direction.

There is no other similar product on the market. The castor design is patented (Patent number: AU2005237657).

Core Trinity Castors
Core Trinity Castors


  • When the wheel is travelling forward, the rocker moves the tooth up into the slot.
  • When the wheel is travelling backward, the rocker moves the tooth down out of the slot.
From a user-perspective none of this matters! The Natural Directional Lock castor is intuitive to use - customers 'feel' how to use it without being taught. They naturally figure it out within about 30 seconds. And from then on the trolley is 'magically' easy to steer and push...


(see M series for more info)


(see Supermarket wheels for more info)

Bolt hole swivel *

natural directional lock

Plate Swivel

 Bolt hole swivel + total brake *

natural directional lock

Plate Complete Brake

Plate swivel *

natural directional lock

12mm Pintle Swivel

Plate swivel + total brake *

natural directional lock

1/2" Pintle Swivel

Bolt hole spring-loaded swivel *

natural directional lock

12mm Pintle Complete Brake 

12mm Pintle Complete BrakeSTQ125G

12mm Pintle Complete BrakeMSQ125G MSQ125G/MZHNS MSQ125G/MZHNB MSQ125G/MZPNS MSQ125G/MZPNB MSQ125G/MZHNK 

Core Trinity Castors

1. Centrally mounted spring-loaded NDL option

   One spring-loaded NDL kit is mounted centrally to trolley using solid adaptors.

2. Standard NDL configuration

   Two NDL castors (plate or bolt hole as appropriate) are mounted at one end of trolley and regular    swivel castors are mounted at the other end.