Easy-steer high impact polymer trolleys are constructed from tough PVC piping and fittings containing UV resistant titanium oxide. This construction technique makes trolleys lightweight, strong & durable. Fittings are weight tested up to 1000kg, trolleys are guaranteed not to shear. The trolleys are corrosion free and naturally anti-bacterial which makes them perfect for any health, hospitality and educational application and are backed by a 3 year warranty. 100% Australian owned and manufactured.
  The Easy-steer Food Service Trolley is the perfect trolley for hospitality. The Food Service Trolley is designed to be used at any business that provides catering services and is an excellent choice for those busy events where serving food needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The trolley has a special "H" handle which assists in many ways to improve the steering capability if the trolley. The trolley also houses 14 shelves over 2 isles NOTE: Trays sold separately. There is another unique aspect to the overall design of this trolley that makes it so easy to steer, however it cannot be seen from above. Underneith this trolley you will find a centrally mounted, springloaded 'fifth wheel' with a special 'Natural Directional Lock' (NDL) Fallshaw castor. This 'fith wheel' plays 2 very important roles;

1) the springloaded mechanism centrally mounted position assures that your fragile load is stable accross uneven surfaces

2) the NDL steering component alligns true when moving forward enabling the trolley with increased steering capability