Easy-steer high impact polymer trolleys are constructed from tough PVC piping and fittings containing UV resistant titanium oxide. This construction technique makes trolleys lightweight, strong & durable. Fittings are weight tested up to 1000kg, trolleys are guaranteed not to shear. The trolleys are corrosion free and naturally anti-bacterial which makes them perfect for any health, hospitality and educational application and are backed by a 3 year warranty. 100% Australian owned and manufactured.
  The Easy-steer Lockable Trolley is the perfect addition to any school, Pharmacy, Library or offices where a secure mobile storage system is required. The thick and tough PVC construction is also conveniently light in weight and does away with those bulky, steel trolleys you may see out in the field. The Easy-steer Lockable Trolley not run off course when steering over uneven services. This is especially important when carrying fragile loads. This trolley is the perfect replacement for those jerky, noisy, steel conventional trolleys you'd find in most business centres.