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Strongarm Hoist

  • The Strongarm S4HW is designed to be statically bolted to a concrete floor such as a loading bay.
  • Hand winch is low geared to ensure loads can be raised without too much effort.
  • Geared hand slewing of the mast allows for controlled rotation of the mast, giving precise positioning of the load.
  • Fold down when you have finished to stop people bumping their heads.


For a moderately used machine, the following schedule should be carried out at a maximum 12-month interval:

  • Grease both nipples fitted to the cable pulleys in the lifting arm.
  • Grease the gear teeth on the worm wheel at the point of interference with the slew gear.
  • Grease the drive gear/s and pinion in the hand winch where applicable.
Product Codes
Strongarm Hoist S4HW


The mast is fitted to the base plate with 2 pins. Remove the first pin and the mast can be folded down for easy travel - remove the second (pivot) pin, and the Strongarm can be stowed away.


The slew gear and worm wheel are heavy duty to allow for 'out of line' effects if dragging loads into place.


This is an integral piece of plant equipment. Used for lifting equipment from the ground floor to the second floor it effectively eliminates the need for a forklift, and stops people struggling up stairs with bulky or heavy equipment.


Two lift positions for greater flexibility. Get that little extra bit of lift height by raising the boom (raise prior to lifting the load).


As a safety precaution you can fold down the boom when you have finished.