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Application for Commercial Credit


You have asked for delayed payment of invoices from Fallshaw Group for business (not consumer) purposes.

This page explains our conditions for credit and gives our Terms of Trade. You should keep it.

Pages 2 and 3 need to be completed by you and signed by a responsible Officer of your business. These pages contain your business details, delivery instructions and your business’ commitment to pay on time, together with your trade referees. After completion, you should fax or mail this form to us.

When we offer credit, it is our business to be the best mobility solutions & products supplier in the business, and any extension of credit by us is simply to ease the supply function. At no stage is credit of the essence of our business dealings. There are other businesses dedicated to supplying credit (e.g. banks, finance companies). If you continue with this application for commercial credit, it must be on the understanding that:

  • You will not ask for goods unless you can pay for them
  • You realise the goods do not become yours until you have paid for them
  • You will not dispose of goods still belonging to Fallshaw unless you are sure you can pay for them
  • You will pay promptly

Terms of trading (dated 15th February 2019)


The goods remain the property of Fallshaw until all monies owing to Fallshaw are paid.


If credit has been established, payment should be received within 30 days of the invoice date. The invoice is issued and dated the day the goods are despatched.


Any claim must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods, quoting the invoice number, the consignment number, and the reason for the claim.


Prices are quoted at Fallshaw warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne.


A freight charge (plus GST on that charge) will apply to deliveries to other addresses. Alternatively, we will send freight forward by a customer nominated carrier if you provide your charge account number with that carrier.


If for any reason an account is disputed, any undisputed payment should be made within the specified time, and full details of the dispute sent to Fallshaw. Failure to do this may jeopardise discounts. If legal action is taken to ensure collection, any costs, commission and expenses are payable by the customer. This agreement is covered by the law of the State of Victoria, Australia.


Any returns should only be made after approval by Fallshaw, and by their nominated carrier, and should quote their goods return approval number on the freight docket. A restocking fee may be charged.


Unless agreed otherwise in writing, quotations apply for 30 days.


In addition, GST is applicable on the price quoted to you.


Our policy of constant product improvement may result in changes to specification. Where this may lead to difficulty, customers are advised to enquire specifically before ordering.


What should you do if your purchases are for personal or family use, or you do not like our credit terms? 

We make it very easy to pay prior to taking the goods and give discounts for this.  We accept payment by EFTPOS, or (for a lesser discount), credit card and direct credit. American Express (AMEX) cards are not accepted.

What do we do if you get behind in your payments?

We try to be very clear in our trading requirements.  We want to keep our money in tools and machines and suitable stock, so we can be the best supplier in the market.  If you do not pay within a few days of when you have agreed (as above) we stop supplying further goods. If you need a further few days because of unusual circumstances, contact our Credit Officer.  Persisting slow payment will mean account closure.

Applicant information

1 Account Name (full legal name) & mailing address:

This must be the full legal name of the company /person incurring the debt. (Example: Engineering Co Ltd or J Bloggs trading as Engineering Co).


2 Instructions relating to delivery

We have published freight rates (the last page of our standard pricelist) that we automatically apply to deliveries based on the order value and the destination. These rates are competitive (we subsidise freight on large orders and deliveries remote from the factory) and our carriers are reliable.
If you prefer to use your own carrier then please supply the courier account number and authorize the use of this carrier.


3 Instructions relating to invoices

We email all invoices automatically (to the nominated email address/s) when the goods are dispatched.
An optional physical invoice can also be delivered by post (snail mail) if requested for a $3 postage and administration charge per invoice*.
We do not send physical invoices with the goods*.

* Export customers are exempt from this as customs requires an invoice to be sent with the goods.


4 Contact details Please list all relevant contact people


Contact details of person with whom we should negotiate any changes to products or pricing:



Contact details of person with whom we should advise of day-to-day delivery status:



Contact details of Accounts Payable Officer:


5 Directors or proprietors

Please provide full names and addresses.

1. Director or proprietor


2. Director or proprietor


3. Director or proprietor


I have read and understood the Terms of Trading (given on page 1, and dated 15th February, 2019) and, being duly empowered, agree to adhere to them.

I understand the law prohibits entering into debt if there is no reasonable likelihood of paying, and if I choose to do so, the law may create a personal liability for directors and senior officers. I consent to electronic messages about this account. If Fallshaw considers it relevant to assessing my/our application for commercial credit, I agree to Fallshaw obtaining from a credit-reporting agency a credit report containing personal credit information about me/us in relation to commercial credit provided by Fallshaw. I authorise Fallshaw to obtain commercial information from the referees given below.

(Owner, partner, director, accountant, purchasing officer or other senior position of authority):

This section is not required for publically listed and government-owned businesses.

For privately held businesses, three Trade References (proportionate or greater than the amount of credit requested—trading histories of a much smaller credit amount will not be considered)


6 References

1. Reference

2. Reference

3. Reference