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Castor service
and fitting.

Serviced Equipment's prices start from $130 per hour. Fittings charged separately.

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Maintenance and fitting

Under average conditions of intermittent use, Fallshaw castors will run for 5 years without maintenance. If the castors are in constant use, this reduces to 1 year.

Castors will not swivel properly unless they are mounted vertically. Otherwise they will track to one side.

Heavy trolleys need plate mountings, but the base of the trolley must be strong enough to withstand the load. Never mount a plate castor by three bolts only. Never skimp on the mounting base.

You can get up to 8 mm of adjustment with washers, or an off cut of tube tightly jammed between leg and castor—but do not let it float. Tighten tubular fittings firmly, but do not over-tighten.

You should retighten castors after 3 months of use, and annually after that. We recommend ‘3 finger’ tightness—the amount of torque you can get onto a standard spanner using your 3 middle fingers.

Preventative maintenance, breakdown repair service, fitting

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Serviced Equipment is a leading provider of preventative maintenance and breakdown repair services for the health and industrial sectors, and the authorised service agent for Fallshaw and Electrodrive.

Staff are well trained and comply with relevant standards and certification, including but not limited to:

  • iPRO Live certification (essential within the Healthcare Sector)

  • Electrical safety checks to Standards—AS/NZS 3760 and 3551

  • Asset management and database management to comply with AS/NZS 3551

Their work includes providing certificates, service history, tagging and record keeping to ensure full compliance as part of formal audit programs.