Fallshaw wheels & castors

100 years of manufacturing in Australia

Our Australian-made wheels and castors are built to last, and we back that up with a three year warranty.


Wheels and castors for every application and industry

We manufacture a wide range of wheels and castors for trolleys, equipment, furniture, cabinets, office tables, medical equipment, hospital beds or heavy duty industrial equipment—for a massive range of industries and applications.

From castors for your office tables, to medical equipment, and all the way to heavy industrial applications, our castors and wheels are available in a wide range of load ratings, features, mount options and styles that seamlessly integrate with your furniture or equipment, across all industries.

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Our design philosophy is simple

Make castors that you can forget about. Which is why with minimal and easy preventative maintenance, you won't have to worry about our castors. They will perform every time. And we back that up with a three year warranty on the castors we make.

We design our castors to steer true, give a smooth ride, require minimum push effort, and have brakes that work every time.