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Hospital bed castors: Safety made simple

The Trinity Electronic Braking Castor (Trinity EBC) is the newest addition to our Trinity castor range for hospital beds, renowned in the healthcare industry for its fixed brake pedal position.

Trinity EBC builds on this innovation with the addition of automatic brakes, intuitive steering, and the ability to control the brakes and steering from any castor foot pedal, handset or nurse panel. So with Trinity EBC, you get a castor that knows where you want to go, and knows when you want it to stop.

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Never forget the castor brakes again

In a high pressure environment like a hospital ward, it is very easy to forget to engage the castor brakes on a hospital bed. Where beds are used for moving patients frequently, forgetting to apply the brakes presents a higher risk of patient falls, especially if the patient tries to alight while the castor brakes are off.

Trinity EBC helps prevent patient falls by automatically applying the brakes when the bed has been stationary for a programmed time (normally 60 seconds). When you want to unlock the brakes again, the control is always within easy reach—just flick up any of the four castor pedals, or press the button on the handset or nurse control panel.

Steer the hospital bed like you flip your iPhone™

“It would be nice if the bed automatically knew where it was going and for the brakes to turn on and off at the flick of a switch.”

Just like your iPhone™ decides whether to flip its display from portrait to landscape based on your pattern of movement, Trinity EBC analyses how you move the bed and intelligently decides when and how to engage or disengage the castor's directional lock. This automates another task you have to remember, enabling you to focus on looking after your patient.

No power, no problem

In the unlikely event of a power cut, the castors can still be manually steered and locked through the pedals, just like a normal Trinity castor. This allows you to still use the bed normally.

How automatic braking and intuitive steering works

Diagram: How automatic braking and intuitive steering works
  1. Purposeful movement in either direction engages the directional lock to the forward wheels, allowing the rear wheels to do the steering.
  2. No movement for one second disengages the directional lock and allows free movement to all four castors.
  3. No movement for 60 seconds engages the brakes on all four castors. This can be disengaged from the handset or by using any of the four pedals.
“After owning a car with electric windows, why would I buy a car with wind-up ones?”

Design features

  • Unique safety pedal override allows you to use the bed in the unlikely event of an electrical failure or flat battery.
  • Automatic brakes and intuitive steering.
  • Three brake positions—directional lock (steer), total brake & swivel (free)—can be applied using the pedals or the handset.
  • Bed can be easily manoeuvred from both the head and the foot ends with flexible directional lock (steer).
  • Integrated controls with handset or bed control panel with visual indicator light to show status of brake.
  • Low mount height.
  • Maximum design flexibility with cables replacing the need for traditional, rigid transfer bar mechanisms.
  • Low current draw ensures long battery life.

Technical standards

All Trinity castors are designed to comply with IEC 60601 3rd edition including IEC 60601-2-52—Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of medical beds.

They are designed and tested to rigorous technical engineering standards including:

  • IEC Threshold test and 10° ramp test compliance.
  • Brake life testing of 60,000 on/off cycles.
  • Long life run test at 2.4 km/h over 30,000 obstacles (9.5 mm tall for the 100–150 mm wheel sizes).

We work with your technical staff to ensure you have extensive test data and reports to validate the robust product reliability that enables our 3 year warranty.


Wheel size 100 mm 125 mm 150 mm
Mount height* 133 mm 161 mm 185 mm
Swept radius 78 mm 104 mm 129 mm
Cable length 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm
Standard fittings
  • 32 mm pintle
  • 28 mm ISO pintle
  • washer
Standard features
  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • Cool grey colourway
Optional features
  • Auto brake motion sensor
  • Intuitive steer motion sensor
  • Conductive anti-static (resistance <105 ohms)
  • IPX6 water resistance rating
* Add another 5 mm for washer mount


All Trinity castors are Australian designed and made under the following patents:

  • USA patent 8205297 (12/663354)
  • European patent 2164715
  • Australian patent 2008258348
  • International patent pending 20150266342


For more information about Trinity EBC please email sales@fallshaw.com.au or phone 1300 934 471 (within Australia) or +613 9300 8555 (international).

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