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General castors

A wide range of castors from: Light to medium duty (30-200 kg); Heavy duty (50-600 kg); Very heavy duty industrial (450-3500 kg).

Specialised castors

Specialised castors for applications including showers/wet areas, extreme hot or cold conditions (such as baking ovens or freezer rooms) or for AGV carts.

Medical castors

A range of purpose-built medical castors for hospital beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, treatment chairs, trolleys and equipment.

Decorative castors

A range of stylish and decorative castors that complement and enhance furniture for the home, office or business.

Wheels  Browse range >>

Soft wheels

Suitable for hand trucks, trolleys, wheelbarrows, lawn mowers/equipment, carts, utility equipment, waste bins, hire buggies, floor polishers/scrubbers and toys.

Polyurethane wheels

A selection of polyurethane (PU) wheels ranging from general use to very heavy duty suitable for various applications, with load capacities from 100 to 3500 kg.

Hard wheels

Suitable for applications including pallet trucks, scaffolding, mechanical handling devices, trolleys, toys, lawn mowers, BBQs.

Pneumatic wheels

Includes puncture-proof, plastic-centred tube type wheels, pneumatic steel-centred 'split rim' tube type wheels

A wide range of Australian-made wheels and castors

Choose from a wide range of Australian-made wheels and castors for trolleys, equipment, furniture, cabinets, office chairs, medical equipment, hospital beds or heavy duty industrial equipment—for a massive range of industries and applications.

We manufacture and sell a wide range of castors including braking castors (locking castors), swivel castors, fixed castors, directional lock castors, plate castors, bolt hole castors, electronic braking castors, central locking castors, and also custom castors—in a variety of combinations, styles, colours and materials.

Three year warranty

Built to perform every time, our Australian-made general wheel and castor range comes with a 3-year warranty. Click here for more information on Fallshaw's warranty.

Materials handling products

Electrodrive: Powered tugs for pushing or pulling heavy loads safely.

Liftmaster: Bin lifters for safe and easy waste management solutions.

Castors and Industrial: Specialising in custom conveyor systems, scissor lifts, access equipment and trolleys.

Trinity EBC: Electronic braking castors for the healthcare industry.