Pneumatic wheels range

Puncture-proof, steel-centred and plastic-centred wheels.

Puncture-proof pneumatic wheels

Puncture-proof pneumatics

Ranging from 50-120 kg capacity

Pneumatic steel-centred wheels

Steel-centred pneumatics

Ranging from 120-360 kg capacity

Pneumatic plastic-centred wheels

Plastic-centred pneumatics

Ranging from 75-200 kg capacity

Pneumatic wheel spare parts

Spare parts for pneumatics

Pneumatic tubes, rims, bearings, housing and reducing bushes, pneumatic tyres.

Pneumatic wheels are a great option for carrying loads over uneven surfaces or in environments that commonly require moving over obstacles. They also have the benefit of providing some additional suspension to protect fragile loads on trolleys or additional grip for moving loads outdoors in wet or muddy environments.

Fallshaw tyres are made from a mix of natural and synthetic rubber in 4 ply (or 6 ply for the 400x8HWY) for excellent durability, abrasion resistance, elasticity and strength. Lower quality alternatives on the market have a shiny appearance and a distinctive oil smell, indicating a high proportion of reground tyres (crumbed rubber). This leads to poor strength (particularly around the bead wire which can cause tyres to pop off the rim under load) leading to a short product life.

50-360 kg load capacity pneumatic wheels

The range includes pneumatic puncture-proof wheels, pneumatic plastic-centred tube type wheels, pneumatic steel-centred 'split rim' tube type wheels.

  • Made in Australia.

  • One year warranty.

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Pneumatic wheels range

Pneumatic tread options

RIB tyre tread. Straight lines, grey non-marking rubber. Common for wheelchairs and light duty trolleys that need a softer ride


Straight lines, grey non-marking rubber. Common for wheelchairs and light duty trolleys that need a softer ride.

LUG tyre tread


General purpose, outside use. Strongly marked cross lines on a fairly flat tread surface. Good for running in a straight line.

Use LGG code for grey non-marking rubber.

LGG tyre tread


IND tyre tread


The normal industrial type tread, a round profile with an even pattern.

DMD tyre tread


Chunky diamond or star shaped pads on a flatter surface. Often used in rougher construction sites. Good for softer grass surfaces but may become clogged with mud.

STR tyre tread


KNO tyre tread


This knobbly pattern is often preferred for outdoor use, good for gravel or uneven terrain.

HWY tyre tread


Jagged lines on a thick, 6 ply tyre designed to have a higher load rating for industrial work sites.

GRA tyre tread


A wide tread, designed specifically with ride-on mowers and associated equipment in mind. Will traverse virtually any surface they come across.

Pneumatics: Nominal wheel size

Our code structure for pneumatics follows an internationally recognised convention that describes:

Tyre width (in inches) x rim diameter (in inches, measured from where the bead wire within the tyre sits on the rim).

So, for example a nominal wheel size of:

  • 250x4 has a tyre width of approx 2.5 inches, on a 4 inch rim.

  • 350x4 has a tyre width of approx 3.5 inches, on a 4 inch rim.

  • 400x8 has a tyre width of approx 4.0 inches, on an 8 inch rim.

Please note: These sizes are nominal only. For more precise dimensions, refer to the diameter x tread width listed alongside other specifications.

Maximum inflation of pneumatics

Warning: Do NOT inflate over recommended tyre inflation pressure (30 psi).

Do NOT allow tyre pressure to drop below 20 psi or wheel may deflate and become very difficult to re-inflate. If you allow the tyre to go flat and you are unable to re-inflate it then you may need to buy an inner tube to be retro fitted to the wheel (available from our Spare parts for pneumatics and general wheels page).

Use of pneumatic wheels other than as recommended can be dangerous.