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Cast Iron Castors—Very heavy duty

W Series castors: 500–750 kg capacity

Specifically designed for bulk, skip and dumper bins, W Series cast castors are available with 150 mm wheels.

Suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications including mining, warehousing and construction industries.

Load rating: 500–750 kg
Wheels: Cast iron, hard nylon, Polyurethane (PU), and PU on cast iron
Forks: Zinc forks in swivel plate, fixed plate, and total brake configurations
Warranty: Three years
Mount dimensions:
H Series castor mount drawing
H Series castor

Castor options

WCI wheel (cast iron wheel)

WCI wheel

Max load: 500 kg

Material: Cast iron

Bearing: Plain bearing

Thread guard: No


150 mm castors

Castors are also available with the following wheels:

  • Hard nylon, precision bearing, 600 kg max load (WNQ)

  • PU, precision bearing, 600 kg max load (WUQ)

  • PU on cast iron, precision bearing, 750 kg max load (XUQ)

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