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Innovative mobility solutions and products

We have intelligently simple, smart product design. Our mobility products are deceptively simple and elegant. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

We design for form and function, with contemporary styling and without unnecessary components or material.

Our products are not constrained by traditional approaches. We enjoy doing things differently. We think anew about material selection and manufacturing technology and we radically reinterpret mobility product design.

Our greatest compliment is when our customers forget about our mobility products—what do we mean by that?

When you choose Fallshaw castors or Electrodrive materials handling equipment, you can then forget about them—they are designed to perform.

Quality basics of Fallshaw castors

Quality basics of Electrodrive materials handling equipment

Manufacturing capability

Our manufacturing plant is located in one complex in Melbourne, Australia. We are able to produce products at world competitive prices because we use intelligent technology, a highly skilled and productive workforce and lean manufacturing methodology to reduce costs.

While wheels and forks are assembled to stock, castors are assembled to order. We pick the wheels and forks (either sold separately or assembled as castors) which makes for a rapid turnaround.

We injection mould and assemble the wheels, where automation and a highly skilled workforce enable fast lead times and flexible processes. We also have our own test facility where we ensue that our wheels and castors perform in the harshest conditions.

We also press metal form and fabricate fork components before the forks are assembled. Progressive tools with leading edge processes and controls, precision welding robots and tight tolerance control result in efficiently produced, quality metal components.

Both Fallshaw and Electrodrive have Quality Management Systems certified to ISO 9001:2008, and we manufacture the vast majority of our products in Australia (upwards of 85% overall at time of printing).

Fallshaw Wheels & Castors is a member of the Fallshaw Group