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Customised products

image of customised castors and their applications in patient lifters, recliner chairs and hospital beds

Specialised castors

We specialise in offering customised solutions.

When you approach us to design a castor for your specific requirements, we are in our element!

We will work with you to ensure that our castors and your products both look and work seamlessly. We have helped leading healthcare equipment companies with custom colour powdercoated forks, ultra-low ride heights, and recommendations on the use of smooth Chicago screw axles for added safety, especially if castors come into contact with bare feet.

We also developed castors for a leading design and manufacturing company's recliner, that could be activated using purpose-built engagement into a customised pedal (utilising the fixed pedal technology of our Trinity Castor). We added engagement holes into the pedal they designed and moulded in their customised colours, materials and finishes which were specified for chemical resistance.

image of K Core Castors in various configurations

K Core castors in standard black colourway and axle, and red/grey colourway with Chicago screw axle.

image of M Core Castors in various configurations

M Core castors in standard red/bluestone colourway, and grey and black colourways, all with standard axles.

Other customisable solutions

Our K and M Core Castors can be also be customised to suit a wide range of solutions.

We have a wide range of tyre materials, forks, axles, and brake pedal and seal colours, so we can ensure that your castors will be right for the job and blend in with whatever you need it to carry.


Ask us how we can customise the right solution for your needs.



Custom Engineered Solutions
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