Product Brochures:

Fallshaw are proud to offer Company Co-Branding options on all of their current product brochures.
Essentially, co-branding is where we replace Fallshaw's company logo and contact details with your own and we share the printing costs 50/50! Printed quantities range from 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000.
For a quote or for any further information please contact Lloyd Sanders at lloyd.sanders@fallshaw.com.au

Currently, Fallshaw offer 3 types of brochures. To download a full scale preview simply click on one of the links bellow:

The Deluxe Castors Brochure is a 4 Page A4 portrait size guide to Fallshaw's range of castors for furniture,    shopfitting and design.

The Core Products Guide is a 4 Page, A4 portrait size guide to Fallshaw's most popular products.


The Liftmaster Brochure is an 8 page, A5 size flip book style brochure which contains the full Liftmaster        product range.


Pneumatics Brochure - coming soon!

The Pneumatics Brochure will be a 6 page A4 Portrait brochure and includes a full comprehensive summary of our Pneumatic Wheel range. Includes our new Semi-pneumatic 'Puncture Proof', Steel centred Tubeless and Plastic Centred Wheels.

Very Heavy Duty (VHD) Brochure - coming soon!

Similar to the Pneuamatics brochure, the Very Heavy Duty (VHD) brochure is a simplified version of our Albion heavy duty and very heavy duty castors and wheels as well as an information page.                   There will be a minium of 8 pages.