Big M Series castors

Light to medium duty castors

Big M Series castors

Able to carry up to 200 kg each, Big M Series castors are available in 150 and 175 mm sizes.

Forks can also be purchased separately

Load rating: 50–100 kg
Wheels: Grey energy absorbent elastomer
Forks: Zinc plated Core Coat™ in swivel plate, fixed plate, bolt hole, total brake and direction lock configurations
Warranty: Three years
Country of origin: Made in Australia
Mount dimensions:
Big M Series castor mount drawing

Castor options

QTQ wheel

QTQ wheel

Max load: 200 kg

Material: Grey energy absorbent elastomer

Bearing: Precision ball bearing (also available with plain bearing)

Thread guard: Yes

150 mm castors

175 mm castors