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Scaffold castors: H Series

Heavy duty scaffold/platform castors

Australian made scaffold castor wheels

Able to carry up to 500 kg each, the range of H Series scaffold castors are available in 150 and 200 mm sizes, and in a range of mount types including socket mount (to fit over tubes), plate mount (ISO), solid stem mount (fully welded cup) or stem mount (to fit into tubes).
All of the scaffold castors have a total brake for safety, and a swivel fork for manoeuvrability.
They are fitted with tough wheels made from polyurethane (PU) on nylon wheel, and with roller bearings.

Fallshaw scaffolding castors meet OHS codes and Australian standards.

Load rating:

360–500 kg


Polyurethane on nylon (Fallshaw HUR wheel)


Zinc plated Core Coat™ in bolt hole with pintle or ISO plate, with total brake configuration


  • Supplied with a test certificate validating compliance to Australian Standards (important for risk management documentation).

  • The static collapse load exceeds three times the working load (certificate available). Wheels 150 mm (6") and 200 mm (8") diameter to safely pass over obstacles without snagging and causing scaffold to tip.

  • The stem of the castor is 150 mm (6") long, with not more than 3 mm (1/8") of clearance to tube.

  • A means is provided for fixing castor to tube, so it will not fall out when lifted.

  • An effective wheel/swivel brake is fitted to ensure maximum stability.

  • Sockets are to suit 48.3 mm OD tube, while spigots (solid stems) are to suit 38.5 mm ID tube.

  • Core Coat™ lacquer provides best quality corrosion protection (150 hours of salt spray test).


Made in Australia


Three years

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Scaffold H Series range

Scaffold castors Australian-made Scaffold castors - Australian-made

Castor options

Max load: 360–500 kg

Description: 51 mm socket mount to fit over 48.3 mm tubes

Max load: 360–500 kg

Description: 130 mm x 100 mm ISO plate

Max load: 360–500 kg

Description: 38 mm solid stem mount with fully welded cup. Suits 38.5 mm ID tube.

Max load: 360–500 kg

Description: 38 mm stem mount to fit into tubes. Suits 38.5 mm ID tube.