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One castor. Many possibilities.

It's easy to design Trinity EBC to fit your needs. With a range of colour and mount options. The castors can be fitted with cables to suit leading brands of hospital bed control systems including those from LINAK, DEWERT and TiMOTION. Alternatively, we can work with an OEM’s design engineers to integrate castor functionality into proprietary control software.

Castors for hospital beds and medical equipment

Trinity EBC is fully customisable. So much so that some of our customers have found innovative uses for it in the medical field.

Watch the Trinity EBC in action in Hocoma's Andago mobile robot for body-weight supported gait training.

See how Trinity EBC is helping make Haag-Streit's HS 5-1000 precision surgical microscope, 'the ultimate surgical experience'.

Mounting and colourway options

illustration of washer and pintle mount

Washer mount

Pintle mount


Castors can be installed either with a pintle mount or washer mount (as per images above); however, the installation method must provide a ‘stopper’ to prevent over-extension of the pedal in the 'up' direction. This has been found to be critical to ensure long life of the product in the field and protect against the castors being damaged from abuse by kicking the pedal.

Fallshaw can provide stoppers for this purpose or, manufacturers can design this into the bed frame (with our assistance).

Mount options

Product code Description
Washer mount SPWSHFZLASER Lasercut mount
Pintle mount -AFR28Z(100) Fits 100 mm wheels, 28 mm round stem
-AFR28Z(125150) Fits 125 mm & 150 mm wheels, 28 mm round stem
-AFR32Z(100) Fits 100 mm wheel, 32 mm round stem
-AFR32Z(125150) Fits 125 mm & 150 mm wheels, 32 mm round stem


Stopper options

Order code



Total brake castor with tube mount




Complete brake castor with tube mount




Total brake castor with washer mount




Complete brake castor with washer mount




Colourway options

Grey colourway
Body Wheels Pedal
Pantone 423 C Pantone 7546 C Pantone 288 C

Eggshell colourway
Body Wheels Pedal
Pantone 7527 C Pantone 7546 C Pantone 7545 C
Customised colours are available on request. Minimum quanities apply.

Colour coded feature identification

Colour coded feature identification
Blue Intuitive steering
Black Motion sensing
White IPX6 water resistance
Yellow Conductive anti-static
The absence of a colour-coded clip indicates the alternative

Build your Trinity EBC

Use this guide to generate your Trinity EBC product code, combine with your chosen mount type product code, which you can quote when speaking to one of our sales consultants. Alternatively you can download the product code structure.

Please note: The combination of "total brake" and "intuitive steering (with motion sensor)" is unavailable.

1. Standard features

Select size
Select pedal position
Select colourway
Select brake system
Cable compatibility

2. Optional features

Intuitive steering (with motion sensor) Not available with Total Brake
Motion sensor only
Anti-static tyre and fork
Upgrade to IPX6 water resistance

3. Mount options

Lasercut washer mount
Drilled washer mount
Pintle mount with 28 mm stem
Pintle mount with 32 mm stem


For more information about Trinity EBC please send an email to sales@fallshaw.com.au.

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