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Three-in-one fixed brake position castors

Fixed brake position

The Trinity castor range is renowned in the healthcare industry for its three-in-one brake function and fixed brake pedal, meaning that you can use the castor no matter where it's facing as the pedal will always be accessible.

Three-in-one brake

The advanced braking system provides three brake funcions—total brake, directional lock and free swivel—controlled by soft touch actuation pedals.

Ultra-short swept radius

At 78mm (100mm version) the swept radius is ultra small and eliminates trip hazards.

illustration of how the three-in-one brake pedal works

Mounting and colourway options

illustration of plate, tube and washer mounts
Plate mount Tube mount Washer mount

Grey colourway
Body Wheels Pedal
Pantone 423 C Pantone 7546 C Pantone 288 C

Eggshell colourway
Body Wheels Pedal
Pantone 7527 C Pantone 7546 C Pantone 7545 C


Wheel size 100 mm 125 mm 150 mm
Mount height* 133 mm 161 mm 185 mm
Swept radius 78 mm 104 mm 129 mm
Standard features
  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • Cool grey or eggshell colourway

* Add another 5 mm for washer mount

All Trinity castors are Australian designed and made under the following patents:

  • USA patent 8205297 (12/663354)
  • European patent 2164715
  • Australian patent 2008258348
  • International patent pending 20150266342

Standards compliance

  • IEC60601 3rd edition including IEC 60601-2-52—Particular requirments for the basic safety and essential performance of medical beds
  • IEC Threshold test and 10° ramp test compliance


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