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OBQ castors for heavy loads

Absorbs vibration for quiet operation

Tough castors for linen and laundry trolleys

Australian-made with a 3 year warranty.

Fallshaw’s O Series OBQ castors are the most popular choice for heavy-duty use across healthcare, commercial or industrial environments.

With outstanding shock absorption and vibration reduction they are suitable for the demanding environments of hospitals and hotels. Their non-marking rubber ensures floor protection, while excellent traction enhances stability and safety for superior manoeuvrability, reducing the risk of accidents such as trolleys tipping.

While competition castors typically contain low-quality rubber blends, leading to heightened push-effort over obstacles and compromised performance, Fallshaw castors stand out for their durability. Designed to withstand damage and wear over an extended lifespan, they guarantee consistent performance and reliability.

Our three-year warranty eliminates the need for frequent replacements and associated costs but also improves overall efficiency and safety for your operations.

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OBQ castors with high-resilience blue rubber wheels

Why choose Fallshaw’s OBQ castors?

Features across the range

Wheel diameter 100, 125, 150 and 200 mm.
Load capacity: Ranges from 300–400 kg per castor.
Wheels: Blue high resilience elastomer wheels with precision bearings.
Forks: Swivel, fixed plate and bolt hole zinc plated Core Coat™ forks with or without total brake or direction lock. Core Coat™ lacquer provides best quality corrosion protection, with no white or red rust after 150 hours of salt spray testing.
Warranty: Three years
Country of origin: Made in Australia

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Fallshaw castors ensure unparalleled quality, reliability, and performance.
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Why Fallshaw castors are an easy choice

Shock absorption

High-resilience rubber wheels absorb shocks, ensuring stability and safety for workers maneuvering heavy trolleys through busy corridors and uneven surfaces. Without them, the risk of tipping over increases due to jarring motions caused by bumps and obstacles.


Vibration reduction

Laundry and linen trolleys often traverse uneven surfaces, such as tiled floors or ramps. High-resilience rubber castors dampen vibrations, providing a smoother ride for the trolley and staff.


Quiet operation

In environments like hospitals, hotels, or care facilities, where laundry tasks often coincide with patient or guest areas, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere is essential. High-resilience rubber castors ensure quiet operation, minimising disruptive noise.


Floor protection

Rubber castors are non-marking and won’t leave scuff marks or damage on floors. In facilities with high foot-traffic, maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of floors is a priority.


Enhanced traction

High-resilience rubber provides superior traction, enhancing stability and control, thereby reducing the risk of slips, trips, and accidents, and promoting safety for staff.



High-resilience rubber castors are renowned for their durability, capable of enduring heavy loads and frequent use, especially suitable for demanding linen and laundry operations. Trolleys fitted with these castors need minimal maintenance and replacement, translating to long-term cost savings.


Extended equipment lifespan

Constant jolting and vibration during transportation can cause premature wear and tear on trolley equipment. Shock-absorbing wheels help absorb these forces, reducing stress on the trolley and prolonging its lifespan, ultimately cutting down maintenance and replacement costs.

OBQ castors fitted to a laundry trolley
OBQ castors fitted to a laundry trolley
OBQ castors fitted to a laundry trolley