• Supplied bulk - packed in component form
  • All Fallshaw products are UV stabilized to prevent fading and embrittlement with outdoor use
  • Non-standard colours require minimum run sizes
  • Supermarket trolley componenets are made to order (non-stock items). Delivery times will be negotiated on order.
DescriptionFallshaw CodeWarrantyColours
*Special order colours
DescriptionFallshaw CodeColours
*Special order colours
Wheels SJQ125G.tif

Economy TPE wheel

60kg capacity, 125mm diameter

Basic, fit-for-purpose wheel:

This entry-level supermarket wheel has been designed to pass minimum test standards at a price competitive with lower-quality imports. The tyre is 7mm thick and made from TPE.

SJQ125G 1 year Grey Forks & accessories S125ZQ.tif 125mm swivel bolt hole fork precision bearing S125ZQ  

Standard rubber wheel

100kg capacity, 125mm diameter

Designed to be optimal value for money:

With a single precision bearing, engineering grade polymers and a thick (17mm) natural rubber tyre (good abrasion resistance) this wheel offers great performance in shock absorption and abrasion resistance at a great price.

STQ125G 1 year Charcoal SPM125HNSFRK.tif

NDL Easy steer castor

125mm swivel bolt hole castor with caddie pintle

Makes shopping trolleys easy to steer




Premium rubber wheel

150kg capacity, 125mm diameter

The ultimate supermarket wheel:

This twin precision Q ball bearing wheel uses engineering grade polymers for the centre material with a thick (35mm) natural rubber tyre. The use of high grade rubber combined with the thickness reduces vibration and shock from being transferred through the trolley to the user.

MSQ125G 3 year Grey S125ZC_swivefork.tif

Easy steer castor fork

125mm swivel fork with pintle and axle bolt/nut

Note: NDL Kit installed after pintle bolt is installed on trolley

sold as 2 items





PU tyre on nylon centre

100kg capacity, 125mm diameter

Not recommended – but very traditional:

PU wheels are widely used in supermarket applications due to the high-wear characteristics. However, we do not recommend this wheel because the wear characteristics are similar to our premium rubber wheel (MSQ125G) but the shock absorption and load capacity are much less with a much higher price.

SUQ125G 3 year Grey SMBL_brakeleg.tif 125mm swivel fork with caddie pintle, axle bolt & nut S125ZC  

Antistatic wheel

90kg capacity, 125mm diameter

Best-quality anti-static wheel:

This wheel uses a TPE tyre with integral non-marking antistatic carbon fibres.

SAQ125G 1 year Charcoal SMBL_brakeleg.tif 125mm walkway brake leg SMBLGRY Grey

Travellator wheel

60kg capacity, 125mm diameter

Best-quality travellator wheel:

This wheel uses high-strength, high-abrasion-resistance PU moulded over engineering-grade nylon. The grade of PU used is quality-critical since it is the perfect grade to both resist the tyres: splaying, bending and chipping. Quality is essential in this safety-critical application since poor-quality wheels could lead to injury or death.

SPQ125GRBL 1 year Red/Black SMBUF_buffer.tif Castor buffer cap SMBUFGRY Grey
SPQ125GBWH Blue/White