Fallshaw tyres are made from a mix of natural and synthetic rubber in 4 ply (or 6 ply for the 400x8HWY) for excellent durability, abrasion resistance,elasticity and strength. Lower quality alternatives on the market have a shiny appearance and a distinctive oil smell, indicating a high proportion of reground tyres (crumbed rubber). This leads to poor strength (particularly around the bead wire which can cause tyres to pop off the rim under load) and short product life.

 Fallshaw supplies 3 types of pneumatic wheels:



Semi-pneumatic puncture-proof wheels

Polyurethane foam-filled tyres are the premium ‘pneumatic’ (or semi-pneumatic) wheel option: the wheels are puncture proof and provide the greatest performance and reliability. Semi-pneumatics are fitted to two piece wobble-free steel centres. Manufactured from 1.8mm steel.

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Traditional steel centred (tube type)

Supplied with tubes for high performance and improved weight carrying capacity. These wheels can be retrofitted with tubes if original tyres are punctured. Steel centred wheels provide higher load capacity and reliable long life performance. Sizes up to and including the 500x6 are manufactured from 1.8mm steel, and the 650x8 is of 2mm thick steel.



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Traditional plastic centred (tube type)

Plastic centred pneumatics are supplied with butyl rubber seamless (butt-joined) tubes as standard. These premium tubes provide greater reliability and longer life than cheaper alternatives. Tubes can be replaced if originals are punctured. Plastic centred wheels are the low cost alternative,with excellent performance in wet and corrosive environments.


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