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Self-aligning castor kits

Self-aligning castors are suitable for AGV carts and trolleys.

Self-Aligning Castors fitted to an AGV cart

When the AGV (automatic guided vehicle) picks up your trolley/cart off the floor, the self-aligning castors stay in line with the AGV, and unlike ordinary castors, won't continue to swivel when the AGV accelerates. This eliminates potential hazards caused by spinning wheels coming into contact with walls, pedestrians or the AGV itself.

We can factory-fit self aligning kits to our M, Big M and O series forks in either mild or stainless steel. For more details, please contact a sales representative.

Please note: Self-aligning castors are not a stocked item due to highly variable demand. Manufactured to order.


  • Your choice of stainless steel or zinc plated Core CoatTM forks.

  • Wide selection of wheels from M, Big M and O Series.

  • Available in swivel plate or swivel bolt hole forks—with or without total brake.

  • Made in Australia.


Suitable for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) carts and trolleys used in hospitals, manufacturing/warehouses, airports, chemical/pharmaceutical, food/beverage, paper/printing companies.

Minimum order quantities

Adding the self-aligning device requires piercing the fork. Mild steel versions can be made to order with minimum order quantities (200 pieces), however, as the self-aligning device cannot be added to an already-plated mild steel fork without damaging the corrosion protection, mild steel forks are not stocked and need to be made to order.

Three year warranty

Made in Australia, our castors are built to last, and come with a three year warranty.

Self-aligning device: Fallshaw AGV cart castors

Self-aligning castor kit options

M Series

Big M Series

O Series

Self-aligning castor kit for Fallshaw M Series Self-aligning castor kit for Fallshaw Big M Series Self-aligning castor kit for Fallshaw O Series
Suitability: M series castors
(75, 100 and 125 mm diameter wheels)
Big M series castors
(150 and 175 mm diameter wheels)
O series castors
(75, 100 and 125 mm diameter wheels)
M and Big M Series forks

M and Big M Series forks

O Series forks

O Series forks

Self-aligning castors example

Pictured above: An example of the O series, M series and Big M series castors.

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