Self-aligning castors

Move safely with self-aligning castors for automated guided vehicle (AGV) carts and trolleys.

Fallshaw Self-Aligning AGV Cart Castors

Available with a selection of wheels from the M, Big M and O Series, with stainless steel (SS) or zinc* forks, self-aligning castors are available with swivel plate or total brake configurations.

For carts that require narrower castors, self-aligning castors can also be made in a special ultra-slim M Series with a 61.5 mm barrel width.
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Please note: Self-aligning castors are not a stocked item due to highly variable demand. Manufactured to order.


  • Suitable for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) carts.

  • Stainless steel or zinc plated Core CoatTM forks.

  • Wide selection of wheels from M, Big M and O Series.

  • Available with or without total brake.

  • Made in Australia.

Fitted to your existing carts and trolleys, the AGV Cart Castor ensures that when an AGV picks up your cart, the castors stay in line with the AGV and do not swivel, thereby avoiding accidental contact with walls, pedestrians or the AGV itself.

Minimum order quantities

Adding the self-aligning device requires piercing the fork. Mild steel versions can be made to order with minimum order quantities (200 pieces), however, as the self-aligning device cannot be added to an already-plated mild steel fork without damaging the corrosion protection, mild steel forks are not stocked and need to be made to order.

Three year warranty

Made in Australia, our castors are built to last, and come with a three year warranty.

Fallshaw AGV cart castors self aligning device


M Series O Series
Load rating: 200 kg 350–500 kg 350–400 kg
Wheels: Grey energy absorbent elastomer Polyurethane on nylon Blue high resilience elastomer
Forks: Self-aligning stainless steel or mild steel
Warranty: Three years
Diameter x tread: 150 mm x 34 mm 125 mm x 40 mm
150 mm x 40 mm
200 mm x 48 mm
125 mm x 50 mm
150 mm x 50 mm
200 mm x 50 mm
Hub x bore: 40 mm x 8 mm 60 mm x 12.7 mm
Bearing: Precision bearing Roller bearing Precision bearing
Thread guard: Yes Available for 150 mm wheel No

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